The Greatest Way for Your School to Remind Your Students the Importance of Obeying Safety Rules is With the Mont Magic Safety Presentation called "S.T.O.P."

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"Mont, thanks for coming to Centerville Elementary! The kids not only enjoyed the safety assembly but were able to learn the importance of the messge as well. We look forward to having you back. --C Benson, PTA

This fun and educational elementary school assembly uses the acronym S.T.O.P.
to remind your students the importance of anticipating dangerous situations:

S-stop and look around for danger. Whenever you start an activity, like playground, bike riding, cooking, etc. Take a couple of moments to stop and look around for somethings that might happen that could hurt you: broken playground equipment, falling off your bike, getting burned.

think about how you could get hurt. If you play on broken equipment, it could cut your or hurt your arms and legs. If you ride a bike without helmet, you might fall and really hurt your head. If you are cooking, you could touch the burners, or spill boiling water on you.

O-observe how to prevent them. Stay away from broken playground equipment and report it to an adult for repair. Always wear a bike helmet and follow bike safety rules. Always make sure an adult is with you when you are cooking-turn pot handles away so you don't knock the pot off stove.

P-proceed when it is safe. Once you have observed and removed the safety problems, then you can proceed safely with the activity.

This assembly not only talks about a few safety hazards and how to avoid them, more importantly it teaches students through role-playing a PROCESS for avoiding danger for every situation-not just the ones talked about in the assembly.

You could be saving the life of a child by teaching them this S.T.O.P. process for avoiding injuries.

Mont Dutson was an engineer for the DuPont Chemical Co. for 29 years and lived this process every day of his career. DuPont taught that all injuries can be avoided. Mont has adapted this important process to be presented and understood in elementary school assemblies in Utah and surrounding ares.

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“Dear Mont,

      A big “THANK YOU” for the fantastic assembly you did for our kids at Heritage elementary! I have received great and very positive feedback from teachers and how much the kids enjoyed it and learned so much. You have a real gift with children – keep it up! It was a real pleasure, as well, to work with you and to meet you. Thank you, again!

- J. Steele & Heritage PTA



" I thought the show was great and have encouraged the teachers to have it for their classrooms!" --N. Stone, PTA Grace Lutheran School

(lots of suggestions to lead classroom discussions after the assembly. RAVE reviews by teachers!)

“…The “TEACHER DISCUSSION GUIDE’ was a FANTASTIC TOOL to get students ready for the show and follow-up discussion of the educational points they learned(they were excited to get the GUIDE-they had NEVER received anything like that to help have an after assembly discussion); very well organized presentation that involved both adults and students in the show. Thank you Mont Magic for a terrific show, message and entertainment. We enjoyed having you come to our school and we had a great time.” 

- D. Ray, School Counselor, Drug Prevention Coordinator, Hillside Elementary School Granite School District 

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